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ATX Power Supply Pinout & Connectors

The main output voltage from an ATX power supply is 3.3v, +5 V and +12 V with load currents of different abilities, depending on the type of manufacturing. Furthermore, produced is also low power for-12V and +5 (Standby). The -5 V output is initially necessary because it is provided on the ISA bus, but became obsolete with the abolition of the ISA bus on modern PCs and has been removed in version of a standard ATX power supply. See the ATX power supply pinout and connector.

ATX Power Supply Pinout

ATX Power Supply Pinout

Initially, a 20-pin connector mounted on the motherboard that used ATX power supply where there are the multiple peripheral power connectors. However, recent developments in desktop computer systems, found two connectors to the motherboard, which is additional to the 4-pin CPU power supply, and 24-pin main power supply connector, the expansion of the original 20-pin version. See also: USB repair.